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About Jamdi


This Association was established in 1974 as the "Japan Association of Medical Equipment Industries (JAMEI)" for supplying safer medical equipment which will support progression of Japanese medical practices and for supporting robust development of Japanese medical device manufacturing industries. The Association has been engaged in a wide range of activities including surveys of current status in the industries, gathering relevant information, standardization of JIS and ISO, addressing internationalization such as GHTF, and organizing seminars and workshops. In 2009, the Association is incorporated in order to reinforce independence of the organization and to improve function as the information hub, and re-established as "Japan Association of Medical Devices Industries (Jamdi)" to lead the medical device industries in Japan for nurturing and encouraging growth by strong initiatives.

The industrial scale of medical technologies and medical devices are indispensable to modern medical practice. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that the development and progression of the medical device industries is equal to the progress of medical practice. Practice of the medical care is a combination of a variety of technologies, thus it is subject to harmonious and balanced development of various technologies and devices supported by deregulation of medical devices and alignment of the domestic standards to the international standards. The activities of the Association include "Strengthening of lobbying power by collecting statistical data," "Proactive provision of information to mass-media," "Establishing Relief Services for individual affected by medical device accidents," "Supporting new business startup by Members," and "Lobbying governments" as well as the conventional activities. Through activities based on the long-term perspectives, the Association is aiming to raise the status of the medical device industries to become one of the key industries in Japan.

The higher the medical practice and technology develops the higher the needs of variety of medical devices become to match the level. In addition, the medical devices market is expected to expand due to the progressive ageing society of the developed countries and the improvement of the medical standards in the developing countries. The medical device industries have certainly a great potential to grow and become one of the key industries within the global society. As the keywords for the modern society become "medicine, environment, and energy saving" and the general public also talks about "improvement of health and wellbeing of the nation with patient safety," the Association is determine to be active in various activities based on such social responsibilities.

About the logo


The spherical shapes in the first letter "j" and the last letter "i" symbolize the whole process of the industries starting from "Development" to completing "Maintenance" which is indispensable to sustain the performance of devices. Then the two spherical shapes are connected by "∞", the symbol of infinity, to express the broad vision of the Association, the broad range of membership, and the unlimited "espoir" of the medical device industries. The colors are chosen to symbolize "proactive attitude" for red and "cleanliness and harmonious wit" for green. Overall, it symbolizes the solidarity and synergy of the members of the Association.